Discovering the truth about your mother's sordid past can be troubling.  If you're the new emperor of Rome, it can be downright terrifying.


The Wind in the Embers

The Thrilling New Novel by Malcolm David Logan

Rome's ruling Augusta is rumored to be weak.  It is said that she is under the thumb of her powerful master of soldiers, Aetius.  But few know the real Galla Placidia, a cunning and ruthless adversary capable of holding together a crumbling Roman Empire long enough to hand it off to her son.

Placidius is on his way to Constantinople where he will emerge from behind his mother's twelve-year regency to assume his full power as Emperor Valentinian III.  En route, he comes into possession of a letter allegedly written by her.  It lays out the incredible story of her life, from her kidnapping by a barbarian king, through the scandal that drove her into exile, to her tempestuous romance with a daring yet power-hungry rogue whose presence has complicated both their lives.

Now Galla Placidia wants to prepare her son for the trials ahead, but Placidius is suspicious.  Is the letter real, or is someone trying to manipulate him?  Only time will tell, and, as they draw closer to Constantinople, murder and treachery ensue.  Is his mother the woman he thinks she is, or is she someone else altogether? 


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  • Series:  Amulet Series Book 1
  • Paperback:  523 pages
  • Publisher:  Found Missing Publishing
  • Language:  English
  • ISBN No:  978-0-9989695-0-3
  • Product dimensions: 8" x 5.25" x 1.125"
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Malcolm David Logan

Author, teacher, blogger, amateur historian and successful entrepreneur, Malcolm David Logan has traveled the world to research his novels.  He is the author and editor of My American Odyssey, a popular travel blog.  He lives in Chicago with his wife, two cats, a traffic app, and a snow shovel.