The Amulet Series: The Epic Story of the Fall of Rome

A multi-volume series chronicling the 100 year decline and fall of the Roman Empire

Told through the lives and experiences of a variety of characters, the epic story of Rome's fall is rendered in thrilling detail in The Amulet Series. 

Beginning with the story of one of history's most compelling women, the series kicks off with "The Wind in the Embers", the story of Galla Placidia.  The daughter of an emperor, the sister of an emperor, the mother of an emperor, and the wife of a barbarian king, Galla Placidia was many things to many people.  Frequently misjudged and dangerously underestimated, Galla charted a course through the declining years of the empire, coming into contact with the major historical figures of her time, subtly manipulating them and profoundly influencing events.  Galla Placidia was one of the most intriguing women in history.  Her story is rife with action and adventure.

Among those most influenced by Galla Placidia was her son, Placidius, who became Emperor Valentinian III.  In Book 2 of the Amulet Series the story of Placidius, which began in "The Wind in the Embers", continues.  This time the story is told through the eyes of his wife, Licinia Eudocia, a kindly, good-hearted young woman whose decency is tested by the unscrupulous characters who surround her husband at the palace in Ravenna.  Set against the backdrop of barbarian incursions on the borders and treachery at home, Book 2 promises plenty of thrills and adventure.

Beyond Book 2, the last book of the initial trilogy will explore the final years of the Roman Empire, featuring another strong female lead.  Then the series will shift focus, taking the reader back to beginning of the crisis that set in motion the events that led to the fall of the Roman Empire.  This second trilogy will feature strong male leads and explore the tumultuous years leading up to the pivotal Battle of Adrianople, the single event that plunged Rome into a tailspin from which it never recovered.

A final trilogy is envisioned that spans the middle years between the Battle of Adrianople and the rise to power of Galla Placidia.  Readers may return to this page from time to time for updates on future volumes.